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Monitoring fertilizer concentration on the go

To measure and apply the appropriate levels of fertilization on crops can be a time consuming activity. This is what the Yara
system was designed to facilitate. Featuring a dual channel AvaSpec series spectrometer, fiber-optics and processing
electronics mounted in a blue box on top of a tractor, the system makes real-time measurements of the optical appearance of crops and intelligently applies fertilizers accordingly.

Relevant for the fertilization is the level or nitrogen in a crop, which is measured by means of reflection spectroscopy. In the visible range (380-740 nm) the reflection is an indication of the leaf chlorophyll content, in the NIR range (700-1000 nm) reflectance is mainly affected by the crop’s biomass.

Included with the Yara system is a terminal for real-time monitoring. A special viewing geometry and integrated irradiance correction guarantees accurate measurements. The system logs crop and GPS data on a on-board data card.


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