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AvaSoft - Thinfilm

AvaSoft-Thinfilm software is a stand-alone software package, that comes with the AvaThinfilm system. The AvaThinfilm system is described in detail in the application section.

The AvaSoft-Thinfilm software calculates a layer thickness from the reflection interference spectrum for optical transparent layers with known optical parameters.

Two methods for thin film calculations are implemented in the AvaSoft-Thinfilm software, the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method and the best fit optimization algorithm (match spectrum). With the FFT method the frequency of the interference pattern is determined, this method is mostly used for thick layers. With the match spectrum optimization method the best fit is determined for various thickness calculations. Fitting parameters are available for quality of fit monitoring and to speed up the data processing.

A comprehensive database of the optical parameters n and k of substrates and coatings is implemented in the software and includes products for important application fields as semiconductor and coatings.

The AvaSoft-Thinfilm supports multiple channels and 8 time series for layer thickness and fit quality.

The AvaSoft-Thinfilm software can be optionally extended with the Process-control add-on and the Export to Excel add-on for on-line analyses and control.


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