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TFProbe Thinfilm multilayer measurement Software

The TFProbeŽ software package from Angstrom Sun Technologies works with AvaSpec-USB2 spectrometers and is useful for multilayer thinfilm measurements.The software measures film thickness and optical constants (N & K) up to 5 layers.

TFProbeŽ can be used for real time or in-line thickness and refractive index monitoring. The software package comes with a comprehensive optical constants database and library. Included is an advanced optical constants editor, which allows users to use either NK table, dispersion or effective media approximation (EMA) for each individual film or substrate.TFProbeŽ Supports AvaSpec spectrometer systems with vision integration, SRM Mapping system, and Multiple channel systems. The software can run simulation on reflection, transmission and optical constants and perform a simulation or measurement at non normal incident angles.The Graphical user interface has various data output options and 2D and 3D graphic presentation.

TFProbeŽ supports RS232 Communication with a Host Controller. Included are auto log functions for spectrum, measured results and fitting graphs. The software enables save fitting graphs as image for easy presentation. Backside reflection correction for measuring film on transparent substrates is also supported.


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