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Reference 30k Booster™

The Reference 30k Booster attaches to a Reference 3000 to bring the current limit up to +/- 30 A with compliance limits of +20 and -2.5 V. This high current device features impressive bandwidth allowing EIS measurements up to 300 kHz.

The Reference 30k Booster for the Reference 3000 Potentiostat is an external hardware option which increases the current limit of the Reference 3000 by a factor of 10 to ± 30 Amps. The Booster will only operate with the Reference 3000 and will work with all Reference 3000 functions, including all Gamry software and the Auxiliary Electrometer (AE) Option. The Booster replaces the current leads (Counter and Working) from the Reference 3000 while the Reference 3000 voltage sense leads (including those of the AE) keep their original function.

The Reference 3000 plus the Reference 30k Booster and the PWR800 Electrochemical Energy Software is an ideal system for the evaluation of new technologies for batteries, fuel cells, and next generation supercapacitors. The compliance limits of the Ref 30k allow complete discharge (through zero volts) and can accurately measure impedance values below 100 μΩ.

The high current can also be useful for bulk electrolysis, electrosynthesis, and electrodeposition.

Batteries, Fuel Cell and Super Capacitors
Synthetic Chemistry
Plating Research
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Standard Features
Reference 3000 software functionality
2, 3, and 4 electrode measurements
+/- 30 Amps current
+20 V, -2.5 V compliance/applied voltage
3 Control Modes
Potentiostatic, Galvanostatic and Zero Resistance Ammeter.
Electrical Isolation
Floating instrument: use with operating fuel cells, batteries and autoclaves.
Separated Voltage and Current Cables
Always accurate EIS measurements.
Fast Setup
Load the Gamry software, connect the USB cable, and start your experiments.
Protected by 2-year factory service warranty.
At these currents, safety is a must and we have incorporated several features to prevent damage to both the instrument and the user. The system is protected against self-inflicted damage to the circuits, contains an emergency shut-off button, has a protective ground terminal and provides an insulating barricade to prevent accidental shorting across the terminals.


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