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Atlas Reaction Calorimeter

The Atlas Calorimeter is an easy-to-use, high performance system. Using either Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC), Atlas can generate power and enthalpy graphs quickly and easily.
This, combined with the simple configuration of reaction temperatures, dosing quantities and alarms provides chemistry laboratories with an easy, safe and accurate calorimetry system. Based on the standard Atlas Potassium, the Atlas Calorimeter also includes a power supply and the intelligent Atlas Software that can create graphs within seconds.
For more information on the Atlas Calorimeter, please watch the video below. For those without sound, English subtitles are included by default.

Atlas Calorimeter (HFC and PCC) benefits
# Fully automated: Temperature control, set up and
operation are all automated.
# Excellent control: Sophisticated PID control and
powerful circulators result in accurate isothermal
# Accurate: Vacuum jacketed vessels, automated
calibration and sensitive RTDs give extremely high
accuracy results.
# Walk away operation: Automated gravimetric or
volumetric reagents additions are all made easy.
# High performance overhead stirrer: 800RPM
powerful overhead stirrer. Stirrers can be changed in
under 1 minute.
# Easy analysis: Easy to use software allows graphs of
power and enthalpy to be plotted with one click.
# Quick: Everything clicks together quickly and easily
without the need for tools. Vessels can be changed in
under 1 minute.
# Flexible: The same equipment and software can be
used for HFC or PCC, allowing the chemist to pick the
best method for the reaction.

Atlas HFC and PCC System features

Atlas PC Software offers truly easy calorimetry operation. Configuration of parameters such as reaction temperature, dosing quantities, expected power level (e.g. moderate endotherm; strong exotherm) and alarms (with subsequent actions) are defined in an easy to use wizard.

When running the experiment, everything is controlled automatically including stabilization at desired reaction temperature, reagent addition and in the case of HFC, pre and/or post run calibration. No user intervention is required during the entire process.

All data is continually logged to a common csv file and displayed by the software in graph format in real time.

The software automatically includes the calibration, compensates for the enthalpy of addition and deviations from isothermal conditions. Analysis is made easy by the
Atlas Software featuring “single click” plotting of power and enthalpy.


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